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  • Santana


Santana contains sodium hypochlorite, surfactant, flavoring, corrosion inhibitor, water.


An effective alkaline foam detergent. Removes protein and fat contaminants from surfaces of premises and process equipment. Due to the release of active chlorine during processing, it has a disinfectant effect against a wide range of microorganisms, viruses, fungi and yeast.

Administration and dosage

1. Machine or handwash : Santana is used as a 0.5-3% aqueous solution. Maximum effect on very dirty surfaces is achieved when using the tool with high-pressure apparatus such as “Maple”, “Kercher” and others.

2. Foam Wash : Can significantly reduce the cost of the product and provide visual control of the completeness of its application. Apply “Santana” with the help of high-pressure apparatus such as “Maple”, “Kercher” and others with foaming nozzle, using 0.5-3% solution of the tool at the rate of 1 liter on 4-6 m square surface, preferably at a water temperature of 30- 40ºC, exposure for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with high pressure water.


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