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  • Cobalt (Co)



Cobalt, amino acid, water.

Pharmacological properties

As a source of cobalt trace element. Cobalt stimulates erythropoiesis, improves iron use, activates cobalt-dependent enzymes – alkaline phosphatase, carboangidase, aldolase , is a part of vitamin B12, promotes better absorption of vitamins A, E, C, and improves metabolism activates the immunobiological reactivity of the body, increases the sexual activity of males. Prevents degenerative changes in the nervous system that are associated with the action of alkaloids (poisoning animals with alkaloid plants). Increases the productivity of pigs, broilers, and increased laying in laying hens.

Kind of animals

Broilers, laying hens, turkeys, pigs, pigs, cattle.

Indications for use

As a source of trace element cobalt . Treatment of cobalt deficiency caused by impaired trace element absorption or increased body loss.

The drug is prescribed for retardation of growth and development of young animals, impaired hematopoiesis, digestive processes.



Apply warnings

When dispensing, dispensing with a bathrobe avoids eye contact.

Special instructions for pregnancy, lactation, or pregnancy

Allowed during pregnancy, lactation.

Dose and administration

It is given to animals with feed or compound feed, by adding the preparation to feed or compound feed in the course of its production at the calculation of:

Бройлери віком до 15 днів 0,01 – 0,02 кг на тонну води
Бройлери віком від 15 днів і до забою 0,01 – 0,02 кг на тонну води
Кури-несучки 0,01 – 0,02 кг на тонну води
Індики0,01 – 0,02 кг на тонну води
Свиноматки 0,01 – 0,02 кг на тонну води
Поросята 0,01 – 0,02 кг на тонну води
Свині на відгодівлі 0,01 – 0,02 кг на тонну води
Телята0,001–0,005 г на теля в день з молоком або з ЗЦМ

Side Effects

Dyspeptic disorders may occur in overdose.

Withdrawal period

Not explored.

Special warnings for people and maintenance personnel using the drug

Avoid contact with skin and eyes when positioning, dispensing cobalt chelate. Wear personal protective equipment: goggles, rubber gloves, respirators.

Special precautions for handling the unused product, methods of disposal and disposal

Dispose of as a chemical, given the quantitative content of cobalt in the preparation.

Shelf life

Shelf life – 3 years from production date at storage temperature from 0 o C to +40 o C. </ p>

Storage and Transport Conditions

Avoid direct sunlight. Store in a dry, dark place at 0 o C to +40 o C.


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